10+ Black Cat Names – Male & Female

The following 18 names for black female and male cats are creative, stylish, and adorable. They decorate the dark-colored kittens with a good name. This article inspires with wonderful name ideas and goes into their meanings.

It doesn’t always have to be blacky! The search for a name for black male cats or black female cats takes you into history and into the world of languages. Many names have the darkest of all colors in their meaning. Names for the night, the shadow, and other dark creatures from the animal world are also ideal for the naming.

Names for Black Cats

Black Cat Names – Female

A name for the black cat should of course be something special. Here are nine lovely names for black cats:


Nebulous: The name Fia is a Celtic name with a mysterious meaning. It is translated as “dark peace”.

Leyla / Laila

Is the cat black like the night? Then Leyla or Laila is the right choice! The Arabic name means “the most beautiful of all nights”.


It gets a bit scary with the name Lilith. The Hebrew name means “the night demon” or, less creepily, “the nocturnal”.


When a cat is christened Melli, it has a dark coat in terms of meaning. The name Melli – the short form of Melanie – means: “The dark one”.


In Spanish, the name is derived from the word “moreno”, which stands for black, brown, or dark. In Italian, “la mora” means, among other things, “the blackberry”.


Regardless of whether you choose to pronounce it in English or German – the name Pamela goes great with black cats. Because Pamela hides the ancient Greek word “melas”, which translates as “black” in German.


Oriental: Semra is a girl name of Arabic origin that makes a good choice for a black cat name. It means either “the dark one” or “beauty with dark hair and dark eyes”.


Just like Semra, the cat name Siyah also exudes an oriental flair. It is the Turkish word for “black” and fits dark velvet paws like a glove.


Shady prospects are by no means to be expected when a kitten moves in. However, it cannot be denied that the Latin word for “shadow” is a perfect match for a black cat.

Black Cat Names – Male

The best names for male black cats come from popular books or create excitement thanks to their meanings in other languages. Here are nine cool names for black cats:


Baghira is a black panther who protects Mowgli in the legendary cartoon “The Jungle Book”. The name immediately thinks of the dark big cat – but the correct translation of the old Indian name is “the tiger”.


Blake is an English name that is suitable for both hangovers and cats. In terms of meaning, too, it couldn’t be more different: On the one hand, Blake means “black” and on the other hand “pale”.


Coal-black: Colt is a first and last name, which is translated as “the coal city”. The dark rock is a nice comparison to the black fur of a cat.


Fascination with black animals: ravens cast a spell over many people with their shimmering black feather robes. The name Corbin can probably be traced back to the Latin word “corvus”, which translates as “the raven”.


“Dark Warrior” – this is a translation of the old Irish name Duncan. The name is ideal for a black tomcat who likes to be belligerent.


Dwayne is an English name derived from the Gaelic word “dubh”. With the meaning “little darker”, the name scores with its very own charm.


Kiran comes from Sanskrit and has several meanings. One of them is “dark-haired” or “black” and is, therefore, an excellent name for a black cat.


A tomcat named Moritz not only sounds lovely but is also the right choice, especially for black house cats. The German name with Latin origin means “the black one” or “the dark one”.


From Bella Italia: Nero is the Italian name for the color “black”. The name for a black male is extremely popular in this country.

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