10+ Cat Names for White Cats

If you are looking for a name for white cats, you can look forward to a wide variety. In the next few lines, you will find wonderful ideas that are tailor-made for all house tigers with light-colored fur.

Finding a name for cats is an exciting and creative matter for many future cat owners. It doesn’t have to be tricky, because the color of the fur can provide a clue.

White cats are found, for example, in the European Shorthair or Norwegian Forest Cat. To help with finding a name, this article has 18 names for white male and female cats, which underline the special coat color.

Good Names for White Cats

Names for White Cats – Female

A beautiful female cat needs a beautiful name. For magical white cats, you will find nine female cat names here.


In a nutshell: The name Alba has a Latin origin and simply means “the white one”. Alba is a girl’s name in Spain and Italy.


The French name Blanchette exudes a touch of romance. It is particularly suitable for petite cat ladies because the translation is: “The little white one”.


Like a day in the South Seas: The name Coco evokes associations with a tropical vacation. If the color of a cat’s fur is white like the inside of a coconut, then the name fits perfectly.


Even the most common terms are shortlisted when choosing a name – at least when translated into Italian. Because who would have guessed that Farina means “flour” in German and that the white baking ingredient turns out to be a pretty name for white cats?


White as a snowflake: This name for white cats is very popular in Germany. This is not surprising, after all, wonderful memories of snowy winter days come up.


The Celtic language has some wonderful names on offer – this of course also applies to white cats. Gwen is the short form of the name Gwendolin and means “the white one” or “the white flower”.


“Bright”, “radiant” and “light” – these three meanings of the Greek name Layna are exactly suitable for a cat with a white coat.


From the far north: The name Lumi comes from Finland and has a meaning that “whiter” couldn’t be. Its translation is “the snow”.


The name Phoebe (pronounced: Fibi) has an ancient Greek background. The meaning scores with “the light” or “the pure”.

Names for White Cats – Male

White male cats are rare. For such special four-legged friends, of course, you also need a suitable name. Here are nine names for male white cats.


Bela – also spelled Béla – is a Hungarian name for boys. Since it translates as “the white one”, it is an excellent choice for all pale-colored cats.


Bianco is the masculine Italian form of the word white. Thanks to the beautiful sound and easy pronunciation, Bianco becomes a suitable name for white cats.


Fionn means “light” or “blond” and has an old Irish origin. As a name for a white cat, it sounds original and mystical.


Who doesn’t know the lucky dragon from the film “The Neverending Story”? Just like a white male, he has a beautiful, light-colored mane.


This Japanese name conceals several meanings that fit a white tomcat. Among other things, Haku means “white” or “white snow”.


Off to the Wild West: The English name became famous, among other things, through the comic figure Lucky Luke. The name contains the Latin word “leucus”, which means “bright” or “white”.


In German, Milky (= milky) wouldn’t be the perfect choice for a white cat. On the other hand, it sounds all the more like a beautiful name in English, which also easily crosses your lips.


A seductive coconut praline and the heartwarming look of a hangover – both are hard to resist. If the house tiger has creamy white fur and is sugar-sweet, it is an excellent candidate for the name Rafaello.


If a white cat rolls into a ball while napping, it is reminiscent of a snowball.

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