10 Interesting Stories About Dogs

Even among dogs, there are geniuses and outsiders who show high abilities to learn and understand a new situation, and those who prefer to include instincts rather than the brain. We will tell you 10 interesting stories.

#1 I was on the bus.

At one stop, a dog entered the front door, walked along the bus, and settled under an empty seat. When the required stop was announced, the dog went out on a first-come, first-served basis. People on the bus began to talk: "What a smart dog ...". To which the conductor replied: "She drives this route every Friday, near this stop there is a shop with shawarma and on Fridays, they throw out the remains."

#2 Going home from work.

I feel hungry, just unbearable. I understand that I won't be able to get home. I went to the food tent and bought a sandwich. I’m standing and chewing. A dog sits nearby and looks at me with sad eyes. I took pity on her, tore off a piece of the sandwich, and threw it on the ground. And she sniffed it, poked her nose into it, and didn’t even taste it! I looked at all this, then at the sandwich in my hands, and somehow I immediately got sick of it - you never know, I think, what was it made of that even a dog doesn't eat! I threw it into the nearest trash can and went.

I turn around and what do I see? This cunning beast climbed into the trash can, pulled out my sandwich, and calmly eats it up! That's it! This dog needs to go to college, to teach applied psychology there!

#3 Once I go to visit a friend.

Their courtyard is wonderful - closed, on one side there is an arch, on the other, there is a path. I enter along the path and see: a huge dog, either a black terrier or a Moscow watchdog, is carrying a small child in its teeth. What to do? Frozen with horror, I prepare to scream in a voice that is not my own, but the dog calmly puts the child in the sandpit, where two more of the same are swarming. And he fits next to him - the muzzle on the paws, like dozing.

The second kid, looking back at the dog, gets out of the sandbox and plops to the arch - it's also so interesting there: people, cars, a busy street ... The dog is watching from under furry eyebrows. When there are 5 baby steps left to the arch, the dog gets up, in two jumps catches up with the "intruder", takes the hood, takes it to the sandbox, and lies down again ... The border is locked!

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