10 Interesting Stories About Dogs

#4 The fact that many dogs, even stray ones, cross the road to the green with people – has long been known, I myself have seen many times.

But what happened today, I saw for the first time.

A pack of four dogs runs up to the intersection. Red is already on, but the cars haven’t started yet. One young dog is eager to run across, but another, larger and more sophisticated by experience, quietly, but imperiously, barks at him. The young man obediently returns and waits with the others until the green lights up, and then the whole pack calmly and leisurely crosses the roadway. Apparently, even dogs are smarter than some people who rush at a red light in the hope of saving a couple of extra seconds.

#5 We have an addition in our family that no one expected.

Our cocker spaniel Misha became the culprit. He brought a cat into the house!

This story lasted for a week. Misha and I go out for a walk, and immediately a cat comes out to us from somewhere. And yesterday he flatly refused to go home, ran up to me, then to the cat. Then I said, "Well, call her too." And the dog really called her somehow, because they had already gone to the entrance together.

#6 There was a time when we were teaching our dog all sorts of tricks right in the apartment.

For example, a good exercise is to bring a ball. The daughter sits on the couch, in her hand a ball, in a box - goodies, as goodies - chopped carrots, from which our dog just drags. The daughter throws the ball, the dog is in no hurry to run, traces where the ball rolled and then goes to get it. Returns with a sad face: they say, could not get it. The daughter goes to look for the ball, the dog seems to be walking with her. But when the daughter returns with the ball, she sees how the dog calmly devours a carrot out of the box. Well, who trains whom?

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