10+ Japanese Pet Names for Cats

From the Far East: Japanese cat names sound like something from another world. Our article sheds light on the mysterious Japanese language and introduces ten beautiful male and female cat names and their meanings.

When a cat moves into its new home, it needs a name. The consideration of which cat name has the perfect sound paired with a suitable meaning can take several weeks beforehand. For fans of the land of the rising sun, a Japanese name for the cat is ideal. Many sound originally and have profound meanings. We introduce you to unusual male and female cat names:


Aiko means “child of love” in Japanese and is given to both boys and girls. Aiko is also an excellent choice for cats. After all, a cat is unconditionally loved by her human for a lifetime.


Does your queen have red fur? Then Beniko is the best name! It means “the red child”, is easy to pronounce, and has a melodic sound.


Killing two birds with one stone: Katsu is translated as “the victory” or “the winner”. Perfect for naming a cat.


Sometimes it seems like cats are performing a dance with their elegant bodies. And that’s exactly when the name Mai fits! It is translated as “the dance” and is best for female cats.


There is secretly a princess in every she-cat. Anyone who shares this view can call their future cat lady Mimi. The name means “the princess” and is just right for little divas on four paws. Incidentally, it is one of the most popular cat names.


As with the name Taro, the meaning of this name has to do directly with the order of birth. Shiro means “the fourth son” and is a nice name for a tomcat.


The name Suki is very popular among cat owners. No wonder, because it means “the beloved” and can also be translated as “like”, “loved” and “liked”. How about this name for your queen?


Taro is a sonorous name for a cat. Although it translates as “the firstborn son”, its easy pronunciation and originality make it a great fit for a tomcat. Especially if he was the kitten in the litter that was firstborn.


A loving allusion to the wild and untamed in a cat: Torah means “tiger” and is best for females. It suits a rebellious and independent cat lady or a kitten with red fur.


Also known here: The name Yoshi is translated as “goodness” or “happiness”. This is a Japanese boy name that is an ideal choice for kind or happy kittens.

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