10 Places Where People Love Cats

Cats are very wayward animals, but, despite this, these cute pussies are invariably loved all over the world. Sometimes human love for these creatures is very similar to obsession …

We present to your attention ten unusual places that were born thanks to an incredible love of cats.

#1 An island where cats matter more than people: Tashiro, Japan

On the Japanese island of Tashiro, cats are treated better than people. And this is not an exaggeration. Cats here calmly walk anywhere and breed uncontrollably. And the local residents, whose number is much less than the number of their furry neighbors, take care of the island's feline population in every possible way, feed the kitties, and regularly conduct veterinary examinations.

In order not to cause the slightest discomfort to cats, dogs were banned from the island. Tourists here will find cozy lodges in the form of cat baskets and houses, as well as numerous temples and shrines erected in honor of the cat - the main island deity who, according to local beliefs, brings good luck. It is not known for sure whether purrs have a beneficial effect on the fate of the islanders, but the local devotion to cats has attracted tourists from all over the world for several years now.

#2 Acrobatic cats perform in the cat theater: Moscow

Four-legged artists balance on mirror balls, walk on a thin rope, ride horses and even ride around the circus arena on skateboards - all this can be seen at the Moscow Kuklachev Cat Theater.

The theater, which has been called "Cat's House" since 1990, was created by Yuri Kuklachev, a clownery artist and talented trainer. Today it is the only cat theater in the world. There are about 120 furry artists living here, although each performance usually employs no more than 20. Over the years of the theater's existence, more than 10 performances have been created here. The colorful show leaves no one indifferent, even the most avid dog lovers.

#3 Ceramic cat collection of over 2,200 figurines: Birmingham, England

Love for cats can be expressed in many ways. So 60-year-old Englishwoman Pamela Cole collects ceramic figurines in the form of her beloved animals. There are almost 2,200 figurines in her collection, and every year the number of exhibits only increases. To store her extensive collection, the woman specially allocated several rooms in her house.

A simple hobby over time turned for Pamela into the meaning of life and a kind of work. The Englishwoman spends all her free time looking for new figurines around the world. Most often, Mrs. Cole finds new "pets" in online stores and antique shops. In addition, she has created a worldwide network for people who are fascinated and attracted by cat memorabilia.

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