10 Places Where People Love Cats

#4 The Cat Music Group Touring the USA: Chicago, Illinois

Many musicians can envy the success of the feline band. The four-legged artists from Chicago have successfully toured all over America and have consistently received a flurry of applause.

During their fantastic live concerts, the cats beat the drums on their own and even dance to the beat. In addition to drums, fluffy artists play music on guitars, bells, and ring chimes. The style in which the musicians play is difficult to define. It is closest to atonal experimental jazz.

#5 For a small fee, you can relax in a cafe filled with cats: Tokyo, Japan

Recently in Japan "cat cafes" are becoming more and more popular. For a reasonable fee, you can dine here in a room filled with live cats. Resorts to such a service are most often residents of Japanese megacities, deprived of communication with animals since in many apartment buildings it is forbidden to keep pets here.

In such establishments, cats completely "run the show". They are the ones who choose whom to climb on their knees or whose feet to rub against; it is not customary to force them to do anything in a cafe.

#6 Strange Museum Coexists Cat History and Kitty Kitsch: Kuching, Malaysia

Malaysians believe that cats bring good luck. If so, then the museum in the Malaysian city of Kuching is simply overflowing with luck. An unusual exposition, opened in 1993, is dedicated to these wayward, but so cute animals. The museum, apparently, is doing everything possible to make the content of the city live up to its name: "Kuching" is translated from the local language as "cat city".

There are about 2000 exhibits in the museum. Here you can learn everything about the history of the feline family, get acquainted with beliefs associated with cats, and see numerous stuffed animals of these animals. The most valuable exhibit of the museum is considered to be a real Egyptian mummy of a cat, which was made around 3500 BC.

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