10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers belong to the category of companion dogs, but not everyone can have such a companion. However, not everyone wants to, because the Bull Terrier is a specific breed, “for connoisseurs”.

Characteristics of Bull Terriers

According to well-known among the famous bull terriers, it is now in 42nd place There are breed lovers in every country. This is a truly unusual dog, difficult to bring up. She has a memorable appearance and an unusual character. She is able to become a faithful companion, a cheerful playmate for a child. Buhl, according to many owners, is a sissy and dormouse, affectionate, touchy, and vulnerable. But the reputation of a dangerous, evil killer did not arise from scratch.

The Bull Terrier is not a breed for everyone. He has a complex dominant character. Independence and stubbornness require serious education, timely socialization. Not every breeder can handle such a dog. If you raise a bull terrier incorrectly, its strength, developed intelligence, fearlessness, and endurance, which were inherited from its ancestors, can cause problems.

Caring for Bull Terrier Dogs

Bull Terriers are dogs that do not require serious grooming. You need to bathe 2-3 times a year, but after a walk, wash your paws. A short coat, if dirty, can be wiped off with a damp cloth. You also don’t need to comb it often, 1-2 times a week this is done using a special mitten or a stiff brush. During molting – daily. You should check your pet’s eyes and ears regularly. If necessary, wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in veterinary lotion. It is also recommended to brush your teeth with a special paste several times a week to avoid the appearance of tartar. If the claws do not grind on their own, they are trimmed every month with a nail clipper.

Care and maintenance

Bull Terrier belongs to dog breeds that are very unpretentious in care. The short hair of the animal needs to be brushed weekly (no more than three times). Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove hairs, but it is best to have a grooming glove for the shedding period. It will make it easier to care for your pet’s coat. The breed sheds twice a year: in autumn and spring.

Forget about regular water treatments: bull terriers don’t need them. Bathe your pet according to the degree of contamination in the coat using a mild formula for dogs. However, wiping the Bull Terrier’s body with a sponge or towel is quite enough. Want to give your coat a healthy shine? Arm yourself with suede and run it through the hairs. The effect will not belong incoming!


The Bull Terrier will become the best pet only if you provide him with long walks and physical activity. He needs jogging, outdoor games, the dog loves to run after a ball or frisbee, accompany the owner when riding a bicycle. During walks, the bull terrier must be on a leash. And in crowded places or on dog grounds, it is advisable to put on a muzzle for him. Even a well-bred dog can attack a person or a dog if he feels a threat to himself or the owner. And since he is strong and mobile, it is not always possible to keep him.

How to choose a puppy

The best place to buy a bull terrier is a nursery that specializes in breeding this breed. Only here you will get a vaccinated baby with a good pedigree. Don’t miss the chance to get to know the parents of your future pet better: their behavior will allow you to understand what to expect from your bull terrier in the future.

Pay attention to the conditions of keeping the puppies. The place should be well heated, and the kids should be away from torturers. Pick the most playful and active pet and examine it closely. First of all, it is recommended to test hearing: due to the structure of the head and ears, bull terriers often suffer from deafness. The toddler should be well-fed and well-groomed.

The optimal age for buying a bull terrier puppy is 2.5-3 months. In this case, you will get a balanced and healthy baby who is no longer dependent on the mother and is ready to explore the world under your careful guidance.


According to lovers of bull terriers, these are the best pets. They have many advantages in character, behavior, and content features:

  • friendly, loving, gentle, loving children;
  • active, hardy, funny, and playful;
  • devotees, ready to protect the owner from any threats;
  • smart, quick-witted, easily understand commands;
  • due to their small size, they get along well in a city apartment;
  • require minimal maintenance, are unpretentious and clean.


But when starting such a dog, it is important to understand that the Bull Terrier is an unusual dog. You need to immediately prepare that those around you are biased towards the breed. Many are scared, demanding to put a muzzle on the dog or from the dog’s playground. But this is not the only drawback of the breed. Before starting a bull terrier, you need to pay attention to the following disadvantages:

  • very attached to the owner, cannot stand loneliness;
  • tend to dominate, without strict education they become uncontrollable;
  • they can make a lot of noise, fuss, gnaw things out of boredom, are able to crumble a chair,
  • tear off linoleum;
  • jealous, do not get along well with pets, can hunt cats, are aggressive towards dogs;
  • they need active walks, high physical activity;
  • deprived of guard qualities, since they do not have anger towards people;
  • do not tolerate frost, and white dogs in the bright sun can get burns.

The Bull Terrier is an unusual breed of dog. It is not suitable for everyone. A strong active dog with a fighting past can cause a lot of problems if raised incorrectly. But if you manage to gain authority from him and teach yourself how to behave, it will be a cheerful companion and loyal friend.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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