10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a German Shepherd

For many people around the world, the German Shepherd is still an example of what an ideal dog should be. First, of course, it should be said about their high intelligence – there are few in the world that could communicate with a German shepherd in this regard. Sometimes it may seem to you.



The German Shepherd perfectly understands a person, and when it comes to the owner, she often understands him even before he expressed his desire. It takes them some time to introduce a new person into the circle of their friends, but if he got into this circle, the dog will remember him for a long time.

The owner is another story. This is the king, God, and the highest living being in the mind of the German Shepherd. Thanks to their intellect, they can be trained in almost anything – to help a blind person on the street, to help a deaf person to know about the doorbell, to bring everything that a person chained to a causing disease needs, to recognize explosives, to guard a territory or a person.

It is impossible to list every imaginable area that the German Shepherd is currently involved in. Moreover, these dogs really like to do various work and help a person, and even more so – the owner. And, on the contrary, if a dog lives on a leash, even as a watchman, but inactive and without close contact with loved ones and the owner, it will be unhappy. Even if you leave the German Shepherd alone without specific activities, it will also give her an appetite loss.


Training a German Shepherd is easy. These dogs do not have internal stubbornness, and the breed loves the process of training, gaining new knowledge and skills. But – you need to start from an early age, from about six months. You need to be consistent, patient, and a kind boss, strict where necessary. Do not forget to use rewards and indulge your pet with treats for the successful completion of the task.


You should brush your German Shepherd’s coat twice a week, trim the nails three times a month, and always keep your pet’s ears clean. The dog is usually bathed 1-2 times a year.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of us think of the German Shepherd as a black and tan dog, but they can also be solid black.
  • In 1928, a German shepherd named Buddy was trained as the first guide dog in the United States.
  • The coefficient of the bite force of the German shepherd is equal to 238, second only to the Rottweiler.
  • German Shepherds on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have the most stars of all breeds. One for the dog named Rin Tin Tin and one for the Strong Heart.
  • A German shepherd named Levanno took 54 wounded soldiers to safety in World War I and received the 1917 Westminster Heroism Award.
  • The German Shepherd is one of the most popular and recognizable breeds in the world.
  • President John F. Kennedy owned a German shepherd named Clipper.
  • Not surprisingly, many people, including celebrities, love German Shepherds. Stars such as Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, Nikki Reed, and Reese Witherspoon have owned these loyal pets.
  • German Shepherds are often used as police and service dogs. Their high learning ability, dedication to the owner and their business are an excellent choice for any task.


  • high intelligence;
  • good learning ability. The German Shepherd Dog lends itself well to training, training in various teams;
  • picky, unpretentious to the conditions of detention, quickly adapt to new conditions;
  • have well-developed protective qualities;
  • non-conflict, do not show unreasonable aggression towards strangers, dogs. Get along well with any pets;
  • have universal working qualities;
  • energetic, hardy.


The Germans, like any other breed, are not without drawbacks, among which are:

  • the high degree of activity and mobility;
  • Germans need constant, physical, physical activity, daily long walks;
  • require an experienced approach to education and training;
  • the breed belongs to the rather “biting”, but only if the favorable period for education was missed;
  • not suitable for keeping in small apartments.

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