10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Labrador

The Labrador dog is one of the most popular in the world. It is not only an ideal pet and companion with an attractive appearance but also a hardworking assistant for hunters, rescuers, police. – this is the best dog for families with children, people with disabilities. It is this breed that is most often chosen as a guide for its unpretentiousness, intelligence, good nature, and high efficiency.


General characteristics of the Labrador

Labrador retrievers are so named because they belong to the group of retrievers. They are classified as medium-large breeds, compact in size, but with a powerful build. Growth at the withers in an adult male can reach 60 cm, but the weight of Labradors is not more than 35 kg. With proper care, they live for 12-14 years.

This breed is popular all over the world. Not only ordinary dog ​​breeders but also professional dog handlers consider her to be obedient, loyal, hardworking, and the most intelligent. Everyone can have such a pet since the price of even purebred puppies is low.

Care and maintenance

The main commandment of the owner of the Labrador Retriever from the first days should be the principle of moderation in food. The fact is that these dogs are prone to overeating, which leads to obesity and serious health problems. To avoid trouble, accustom your dog to a strict diet, keep track of the portion size, do not allow excess “lunch” to remain in the bowl, do not get carried away by dog ​​treats, and, of course, do not treat your pet to pieces of the common table – salty, smoked and sweet food. If you prefer a natural diet, coordinate the menu with your doctor, and do not forget about vitamin and mineral supplements. When choosing a ready-made feed, be guided by the products of proven brands of the upper price segment. With any type of food, the dog must have constant access to fresh drinking water.

Labradors are very active, regular physical activity is not just desirable for them, they are prerequisites for normal well-being and psychological state. Get ready for long walks – experienced breeders advise spending half an hour in the morning and at least two hours in the evening on them. In this case, the dog will not get bored, gain excess weight and pester you with pranks in the apartment.

Caring for a Labrador does not require extra effort.

How to choose a puppy

The popularity of the breed is not always an advantage for those who decide to get a Labrador Retriever. In the pursuit of profit, unscrupulous breeders keep parents and puppies in inappropriate conditions. Of course, unsanitary conditions, cramped conditions, and unhealthy diet have a detrimental effect on the formation of a growing body and health in the future, so the first piece of advice: do not seek to save money and contact only nurseries with a good reputation, where you can see your future pet with your own eyes, read the documents about the pedigree, get reliable information about vaccinations.

When choosing a Labrador, pay attention to compliance with the external characteristics of the breed, observe the behavior – it should be playful, active, and easy to make contact with. Healthy coat shine, clean eyes and ears, and normal appetite are important signs of well-being.


This is one of the few large dogs that are suitable for keeping in an apartment. They are unpretentious, easily adaptable to any conditions. But the Labrador breed also has many other positive qualities:

  • they are friendly, not aggressive, loyal;
  • sociable, but balanced and calm;
  • love children can become an ideal nanny for a baby;
  • easy to learn, as they are smart and quick-witted, they understand not only words but also intonation;
  • very playful and mobile, always ready to play, a sign in everything;
  • agreeable, live in the same house with other pets;
  • efficient, hardy;
  • unpretentious, do not require special care, except for the molting period;
  • therefore, they always attract attention with a beautiful exterior, artistry, therefore they always attract attention.


But before you start a Labrador retriever, you need to know about its shortcomings. There are not many of them, they are easily corrected by proper education. Many dog ​​breeders call this breed ideal, but Labradors have the following disadvantages:

  • clumsy, like to gnaw everything, so things in the house may suffer;
  • very active, you need to walk a lot with them;
  • loving, good-natured and trusting, joyfully meet all people, can jump on strangers;
  • they have an irrepressible appetite, they pick up everything on the street, they like to beg, therefore they are prone to obesity;
  • Labradors are not suitable for a small apartment due to their rather large size;
  • cunning and smart, if educated incorrectly, can manipulate the owner;
  • molt twice a year and very much.

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