10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Landseer Dog

Studying the information about the selected breed, you should pay attention to the pros and cons of the Landseer. I would like to note right away that these amazing dogs have a lot of pros that fully cover all the cons.

Landseer Dog Pros

The undoubted pros of the Landseer are his outstanding temperament. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, well-meaning, and affectionate. Calm temperament makes the dog an excellent loyal friend for every family member. The peaceful animals are suitable for children and can even perform babysitting tasks by looking after the children and treating them gently and carefully.

It’s a lot of fun with a giant Landseer and this can also be attributed to the pluses of the breed. Representatives of the breed love to play, communicate with family members, it is interesting to spend time with them. They will always gladly join the host’s company, go on a hike with him, take a long walk with him, and run alongside him if the host rides a bicycle. Remains active throughout life. Of course, the animal can sit back at home, lying on the floor, but nevertheless, these dogs need physical activity, which contributes to an increase in life expectancy. Dogs are agile, suitable for fishing, often become lifeguards.

The next pros of the Landseer, which will be noted by those who want to have a friendly dog, is the absence of aggression towards strangers and other dogs. With rare exceptions, conflicts between males can occur.

However, being friendly does not mean that a dog is outgoing with strangers. The pet is able to sense danger, and if the owner or family members are in danger, he will defend. Able to warn the owner by barking, scare away strangers with a growl and an impressive appearance.

The animal adapts to the conditions of the apartment, but it feels better living on the street, where it is possible to move freely. But he behaves calmly in the apartment.

The indisputable pros of the Landseer are the ability to learn. With the right approach to the training process, the dog learns quickly, because by its nature the animal tries to please its owner.

Landseer Dog Cons

Dogs are very brave and courageous, but they are not suitable as guard dogs. In case of a real threat to family members, he will cover with himself, but will not attack. If intruders entered the dwelling in the absence of the owner, then the pet will not protect the property, but it may frighten off with its appearance.

For people who are not ready to spend time actively, this breed is not suitable, because the dog loves to move, especially to swim, it needs space for active games and walks.

The independent temperament of a Landseer can sometimes manifest itself in stubbornness that complicates the learning process.

Landseers drool, but not as much as some giant dog breeds like St. Bernards.

For some people, it can be cumbersome to care for thick coats that shed twice a year, with an intense shedding period in the spring. Care is reduced to combing the hair, and this procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week, during the shedding period – every day.

The next point cannot be fully attributed to the lack of a Landseer, but nevertheless, when choosing a breed, the following feature should be taken into account. Landseers, endowed with thick coats, do not tolerate heat well, and therefore in the summer you will have to plan for walking in the early morning or late evening, often water the dog with water and use other methods that allow the animal to tolerate the heat more easily. This breed is more suitable for cool climates.

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