10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Papillon

The Papillon is a small, beautiful dog with a recognizable appearance. Papillons are fun, sociable, and smart. This is not just a lap dog that will lie on the couch, but an ideal companion, striving to follow its owner everywhere. This is one of the most popular decorative breeds. But before starting a papillon, you need to study the description of these dogs, their characteristics, pros, and cons.


In addition to their attractive appearance, these dogs are famous for their amazing character. They almost never have a bad mood. They are interested in everything, they like to learn new things. They are not capricious, they calmly endure any travels and trips.

Papillons do not tolerate only rudeness and a disrespectful attitude. They have a gentle disposition, so even because of a rude shout, they can become depressed. These pets require attention and affection, they are very sociable, but not intrusive. You cannot pamper them, this is a very smart dog.

These dogs are calm and patient with children. They readily support any games, amuse the child. They get along well with cats and other decorative dogs. But since the Papillon is still a hunting breed, it is better not to leave them alone with rodents or birds.

Despite their small size, these dogs can be good watchmen. Although they are usually friendly towards people, they do not like noise and large companies. With their sonorous bark they attract the attention of the owner, and, if necessary, fearlessly rush to defense.

Dog Training

Papillons are quick-witted, easily learn new commands and skills. They are capable of performing even the most difficult tricks. These dogs understand many words and, thanks to their curiosity, love to learn.

Despite the gentleness of character, Papillons need timely socialization and proper upbringing. Without this, they can show aggression and even bite. The puppy needs to be shown how to behave, to immediately suppress unwanted behavior. Education should be consistent, regular. All family members must comply with the same requirements.

It is not difficult to train a Papillon, but it is important to build the lessons in the form of a game. These dogs are often distracted, this also needs to be taken into account and try to interest the pet. The commands are given in a calm, firm voice. Do not yell at or hit the dog. Papillons don’t like being rude. It is better to use the method of reward with affection and treats.

The pet needs to be taught not to beg for food, not to pick up anything on the street. He must adequately respond to cars and street noise, to strangers and animals. Conveniently, in dangerous situations on the street, you can take your pet in your arms. It is advisable not to let the dog sleep on the bed.

Do not spoil the Papillon. Some owners treat decorative pets like toys. But the papillon is very intelligent and power-hungry. He will immediately feel the slack in the behavior of the owner and will use it. In this case, the pet can become uncontrollable, capricious, and playful.


  • Easy to train, obedient.
  • They can participate in various sports competitions.
  • They are in good health.
  • Travel well.
  • Playful and cheerful.
  • Get along with children.
  • Get along with other animals.


  • They are very active and require constant physical activity.
  • They can bite.
  • Require socialization and education from an early age.
  • They have a jealous and touchy character.
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