10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Weimaraner

Smart, fast and elegant, the Weimaraner are loyal companions and tireless companions of travelers. They are able to master any kind of hunting, perfectly adapt to canine sports, but they cannot stand boredom and rest. Whether this energetic dog is right for you, the description of the Weimaraner breed will help decide.

Nature and habits

The Weimaraner is a highly intelligent and self-confident hunting dog that tracks and holds prey on command. The dog is suspicious of strangers and needs time to get close to new people. The defense reflex is powerfully strong, and the confident dog doesn’t hesitate for a second to defend his family or his territory.

Weimaraner can be a personal hunting companion, compete in agility and be a good family friend. This dog is very affectionate and, with good training, can make an excellent lifelong partner.

The Weimaraner is an intelligent and affectionate pet who loves to be part of the family. This is a dog that learns quickly and will be deeply interested in understanding what you are trying to teach it.

Daily care

The eyes and ears should be examined daily. If necessary, wipe them with a cotton pad or damp soft cloth. The breed is prone to some congenital eye diseases, but if there are no hereditary pathologies, then the normal condition of the eyes is clean, with a minimum of discharge. If they are watery, reddened, or pus appears in the corners, contact your veterinarian immediately.

With enough walks, the claws are ground naturally. If this does not happen, then once a month they are cut by 2-3 mm with a special nail clipper.

Brush once a week enough. During the molting period, more often, although due to the lack of undercoat, the Weimaraner molt almost imperceptibly. It is enough to bathe the dog once every two to three months. The breed is clean enough. True, there is BUT – like all hunters, Weimaraners may be interested in something foul-smelling on a walk, and they will fall head over heels there. Cosmetics for washing can only be used especially for dogs of short-haired breeds. Human shampoos are not suitable for dogs due to the different acid-base balance of the skin.


  • Large, strong, and muscular;
  • Has a smooth coat that does not require special care;
  • Unusual appearance, ghostly gray/silver color, light eyes, and long but neatly set ears;
  • Likes to spend time in nature, is hardy for long runs, hikes, and walks;
  • Incapable hands, a loyal, aristocratic gentleman with great presence and character;
  • Vigilant with strangers, therefore a good watchdog;
  • Weimaraner attracts people’s attention. Their color and habits stand out against the background of ordinary dogs.


  • need additional clothing in winter;
  • need long and intense walks, sports;
  • do not like loneliness, they can destroy an apartment out of boredom;
  • independent in decisions, persistent
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