100+ Awesome Pug Dog Names

You are a happy owner of a pug. Of course, the breed and upbringing are of prime importance for the character of the dog. However, the character of a pet depends not only on them. For the correct choice of a nickname for your pug, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this article.

For example, Boris Higir is convinced that the nickname is coded information about the character of its bearer. After all, a nickname is not a random set of sounds, but a sum of phonemes that can induce a dog to behave in one way or another.

According to this theory, when you give a puppy a nickname, thereby determines his fate and character.

Believe it or not – of course, everyone’s personal business. However, hardly anyone would argue with the fact that choosing a pet’s name is a responsible matter.


Names for Male Pugs

Beilin, Belyash, Berry, Damn, Bob, Bobby, Bodya, Boniface, Bonya, Bruno, Bruce, Letter, Butch, Weiss, Vector, William, Cupid, Archibald, Buddy, Bucks, Bandit, Barney, Bart, Beilin, Volt, Walton Georg, Homer, Green, Thunder, Jager, Justin, Jeff, Jeffrey, Joe, Dobby, Dominic, Dan, Jorah, Zhorik Zeus, Marshmallow, Raisins, Carlin, Casper, Cupcake, Cody, Coconut, Cooper Kurt, Lucky, Lucky , Larry, Lyova, Michael, Max, Mario, Mark, Marcus, Martin, Mitya, Bear, Motya, Nikon, Oliver, Oscar, Ostap, Pavlentius, Palai, Pepper, Donut, Poirot, Pumbaa, Pupsik, Richie, Robo, Royce , Romka, Rurik, Sai, Said, Sashka, Spike, Tyson, Tyoma, Timosha, Tommy, Tony, Fabi, Forbes, Fry, Pharaoh, Frank, Frankie, Hulk, Harley, Henk, Chaco, Charlie, Churchill, Chester, Chubik , Sheriff, Kord, Sean, Alvin, Earl, Janus, Yard.

Names for Female Pugs

Agatha, Azel, Akana, Arida, Asti, Beatrice, Bella, Bessie, Betty, Biotrice, Bonnie, Brina, Tempest, Bianca, Hera, Gladys, Gucci, Juliet, Dina, Dusya, Joja, Josephine, Josie, Zhuzha, Zaye, Star, Yoda, Drop, Knop, Corey, Christie, Cookies, Katherine, Katie, Lisa, Lizzie, Lily, Lola, Lukerya, Lucy, Lyalya, Maya, Margo, Marley, Masya, Masyanya, Matilda, Mafi, Maisy, Melanie, Milka, Molly, Monica, Monya, Motya, Malfie, Nika, Nikki, Nyusha, Pumpy, Peppy, Pepsi, Cookie, Bun, Ponochka, Punya, Rachel, Roxy, Rochelle, Sophie, Sophie, Stella, Stacy, Susie, Sandy, Meatball, Tina, Topsi, Trisha, Tusya, Faya, Fira, Fleur, Floris, Freya, Frida, Hannah, Hania, Hela, Chloe, Chelsea, Chica, Chili, Chupa, Chanel, Shnapi, Shunya, Evita, Ellie.

If you have not found your pet’s nickname here – send it to us, we will be happy to include it in the list!

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