100+ Awesome Yorkshire Terrier Dog Names

A nickname for a Yorkshire Terrier should be beautiful and noble. After all, these brave and active dogs are also distinguished by their elegance and self-esteem.

For example, American veterinarian and astrologer Donald Wood concluded that a dog’s character is largely determined by its zodiac sign.
There is also an opinion that “winter” dogs are more decisive, firm, harsh, and stubborn. “Spring” is cheerful and a little frivolous. “Summer” – as a rule, cunning, docile, and flexible. And the “autumn” ones are often more compliant.

Names for Male Yorkshire Terrier


Archie, Achibald, Basta, Bard, Bat, Benny, Blues, Bob, Booba, Bubchik, Benjamin, Venny, Vince, Willie, Gary, Harry, Hector, Gemma, Goji, Gosha, Gucci, Denis, Jason, Jackson, Dave, Dan, Georges, Zhorik, Eaton, Jiri, Yosya, Kamil, Kiwi, Kuzya, Lakia, Larsik, Lexus, Buttercup, Mallu, Marcus, Masik, Mickey, Mile, Mini, Mat, Nikki, Norman, Ottoman, Richek, Roger, Roxy, Saki, Simba, Smart, Spartak, Tyson, Timosha, Tish, Tishka, Toby, Phil, Fleur, Harvey, Houston, Caesar, King, Chuck, Charlie, Chupony, Sherlock, Sean, Shakespeare, Yardley.

Names for Female Yorkshire Terrier

Alisa, Amina, Anthea, Anfisa, Asya, Barney, Basta, Basya, Betty, Blondie, Bonya, Bosya, Busya, Butuzya, Butti, Jesse, Dolly, Eve, Bug, Julie, Zloty, Toffee, Kiwi, Kira, Kitty, Coco, Lakusha, Lara, Leia, Linda, Lucy, Lyalya, Meia, Melanya, Mikka, Mila, Mini, Mia, Monty, Mea, Natsy, Nyusha,
Rhonda, With Silvia, Smokey, Sonya, Stesha, Tiffany, Tony, Umka, Fanya, Felicha, Fiona, Fifi, Chica, Sheila, Yuka, Yulla.

If you have not found your pet’s nickname here – send it to us, we will be happy to include it in the list!

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