100+ Striped Cat Names

Striped cats are not only the owners of a beautiful “wild” color. These are unique animals – you cannot find two cats with the same stripes. Their owners can be both “nobles”, ordinary domestic cats, and representatives of breeds:

  • Abyssinian;
  • American bobtail;
  • American shorthair;
  • British;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Ocicat;
  • Persian;
  • Siberian.

What should you call a striped pet? You can find associations with the “spot”, “stripe”, with the color of the pet’s coat. Look also at popular, famous, and funny nicknames, interesting names with meaning.

Popular Striped Cat Names

Most often, minke whales receive nicknames that are somehow related to their colorful colors. For instance:

  • Tabby, Tab, Tabitha – striped, striped.
  • Spot – a speck, a spot; if the spotted color is distributed in specks.
  • Pebbles – pebbles; when the color of the coat resembles a scattering of variegated pebbles.
  • Patch – spots, patterns of various colors.
  • Harlequin is a very colorful and bright color, similar to a clown’s outfit.
  • Marble – marble; when the pattern on the fur resembles a delicate marble pattern.
  • Dot – point; very small spots that fold into stripes.
  • Checkers – checkers; if the stripes are in a clear checkerboard pattern.
  • Poppy, Mackerel – when the color on the coat is similar to the stripes on the body of sea fish.
  • Agouti is a name popular with felinologists, which denotes an unusual pigmentation of fur: several stripes alternate on one hair.

Famous Names for Tabby Cats

Let’s remember the names of the famous tabby cats:

  • Garfield – one of the most famous and beloved cats, judging by the comics, was a striped redhead.
  • Morris is the name of a cat promoting 9 Lives food.
  • Kitty Ithaca is a plush toy created in the image of a striped cat.
  • Tzink-Tzink – Think-Think; this is what the Taiwanese president called his minke.
  • Freya is the striped favorite of J. Osborne, the former British Chancellor.

Colored Names for Tabby Cats

Striped cats come in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, the color of the suit is the next source of inspiration in the search for a name:

  • Amber is the color of hot coal.
  • Shadow is a shadow; dark, gray, smoky color.
  • Earl Gray is a gray, silvery, smoky coat.
  • Pepper is a color that resembles ground black pepper.
  • Cinder is the owner of a dark color.
  • Onyx is a nickname for a cat with bright fur.
  • Blue is the owner of beautiful blue color.
  • Sable – if the cat has a sable color.
  • Copper is a warm copper coat.
  • Red is a great name for bright red cats.
  • Goldie is a rare golden color.
  • Ginger – ginger; nickname for a red cheeky cat.
  • Faun is a fawn; the owner of a delicate fawn, beige color.
  • Tauni is a yellowish-brown, light orange color.
  • Amber is a beautiful warm golden orange color.
  • Stony is a cute name for a bold and hard-headed gray cat.
  • Choko, Choco – the owner or the owner of wonderful chocolate wool.
  • Cinnamon is a cinnamon (reddish) shade.

Funny Names for Tabby Cats

If you are determined to find a funny nickname for your pet, this selection will help you:

  • Abby, Abby is short for “tabby” or “tabby”.
  • Gabby is another consonance to tabby.
  • Flubby is a slightly phlegmatic kitten of increased fatness.
  • Crabby – if the pet is a little naughty.
  • Tabigail is a pretty “striped” name.
  • Tiger, Tiger, Tiger is perhaps the most obvious name for minke.
  • Um – tabby-colored owners often have an M-shaped pattern on their foreheads.
  • Taffeta – The English word “tabby” comes from the French “taffeta” (ottoman with a striped silk seat).
  • Reeses – in honor of the colorful candies Reeses Pieces.
  • Tabiko is one of the types of distribution of the “tabby” color.
  • Apple is a bull’s-eye; if the mottled pattern extends in the form of round rosettes.
  • Leo, Leopard – when the color of the pet resembles the color of the fur of a wild cat.
  • Atabiy – according to another version, the word “tabby” comes from the name of a variety of striped Baghdad silk, which was supplied from the Atabey region.

Names for Boys

Now let’s move on to names with a meaning that are great for tabby cats:

  • Alvin – In honor of Alvin and the chipmunks.
  • Angus is strong.
  • Aslan is big, massive, plump.
  • Atlas is the one who holds the sky.
  • Beech is proud and independent.
  • Belfast is the name of a city in Northern Ireland.
  • Benito is cute, sweetheart.
  • Bumblebee – Bumblebee; if the arrangement of the stripes resembles the coloring of an insect.
  • Chico is a boy, a boy.
  • Chester is funny and mischievous.
  • Konrad is definitely honest.
  • Domino is the owner of black and white stripes.
  • Doyle is timid and shy.
  • Elton is a musical pet.
  • Figaro – in honor of the cat Geppetto from “Pinocchio”.
  • Fuku is one who brings good luck (Japanese name).
  • Hey is “smart and wise” in Japanese.
  • Hunter is a born hunter.
  • Jafar – in honor of the villain from “Aladdin”.
  • Lyon is a real lion.
  • Mars is the god of war and the most warlike cat.
  • Monet – in honor of the artist Claude Monet, who loved to draw cats.
  • Quintin is the same as Harlequin.
  • Tao is a Chinese sage.
  • Tez is a play on words with tabby.
  • The Yeti is not only striped but also very fluffy.

Names for Girls

Let’s take a look at what names are suitable for striped cats:

  • Abby is the joy of her father (or master).
  • Agave – in honor of the striped cactus.
  • Basio – “kiss” in Italian.
  • Briana is a bright kitty.
  • Buttercup – Buttercup, wayward and beautiful.
  • Boo is a cute poltergeist.
  • Crystal has clear blue eyes.
  • Dawn – Dawn; the kitty that gets up at dawn.
  • Demeter is the ancient Greek goddess of fertility.
  • Duchess is a noble duchess.
  • Elsa is a cold heart.
  • Emma is the name for the cat with the letter M on its forehead.
  • Fiona is a sweet and funny princess.
  • Gina is a real queen.
  • Giselle is graceful and graceful, like a ballerina.
  • Chaney – honey, sweet.
  • Jasmine is a Disney princess who had her own tiger.
  • Lolly is a cute name for a cute kitty.
  • Maya is the goddess of spring.
  • Marbella is marbled.
  • Mila is graceful and pretty.
  • Misty is mysterious, foggy.
  • Mocha is brown.
  • Pari – in honor of the “city of love”.
  • Pearl is your precious pearl.
  • Quinn is Harlequin’s companion.
  • Paizel is an intricate Indian pattern.
  • Raya is Spanish for “striped”.
  • Rena is gentle and affectionate.
  • Ruby is a ruby, a beautiful and valuable red stone.
  • Shira is a tigress from Ice Age.
  • Venus is a planet and goddess of love.
  • Yasmine is a beautiful white flower.
  • Zina is radiant.
  • Zebra – for black and white minke whales.

Stripe Names for Male & Female Cats

A selection of great tabby pet names that suit male & female cats:

  • Allegro, Allegra – fast, mischievous, energetic, happy.
  • Alto is tall, big.
  • Argo – speed.
  • Cappuccino has a delicate brown, beige coat.
  • Carmen is a pet that loves to sing.
  • Cassidy has a curly, curly coat.
  • Charlie is proud, independent.
  • Chitan is one who will not go unnoticed.
  • Cider has yellow, golden eyes.
  • Dakota is a loyal friend.
  • Dylan is a child of oceans and seas.
  • Eden is the Garden of Eden.
  • Emery is courage.
  • Hoshi is Japanese for “star”.
  • Kadin is my friend.
  • Kelly is a real warrior.
  • Lee is forest.
  • Lumi is a bright light.
  • Nevada is snowy.
  • Patchwork – fancy marks.
  • Tera is a million bits.
  • Vanilla is a sweet cutie.
  • Vesper is the evening star.
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