12+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Boston Terrier

Boston is a gentle breed that has a strong, happy, and friendly nature with a cheerful disposition. The Boston Terrier is usually eager to please its master and is easy to train. Dogs seek to protect their owner, which leads to aggressive and territorial behavior towards pets and strangers.


The nature and habits of the Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence, which is sometimes too much. Bring a lot of hassle to the owners. However, any fear in the behavior of the Boston Terrier soon disappears, because they look at the owner with huge round eyes, different: “I love you.”

Boston Terriers, despite their small size, are strong and muscular. They have a slightly arched, broad chest and a sturdy square look. Small size and lively, affectionate nature make the Boston Terrier an excellent choice for a home companion. They love children, and their antics amuse people of all ages. It is a good companion for seniors.

Calm and bark only when necessary, although early training in this regard. A reasonable attitude towards barking makes them an excellent choice for apartment residents. The Boston Terrier loves being around people. They will get along well with children, the elderly, other dogs, and pets if socialized properly.

Interesting facts about Boston Terriers

  • Dogs with short noses cannot cool the air entering the lungs like breeds with long noses. Therefore, they are more susceptible to heatstroke. And because of their short coat, they can hardly stand very cold weather. Even in temperate climates, Boston Terriers should be kept indoors;
  • It is better not to use a collar and use a harness;
  • The Boston Terrier is prone to corneal ulceration due to its large and bulging eyes. One must be careful with the eyes when he plays or goes for a walk;
  • Due to their short nose, Boston Terriers often snort, drool, and snore (sometimes loudly);
  • Boston Terriers are generally quiet, gentle dogs, not prone to aggression. Males can be pompous about other dogs that invade their territory;
  • Boston Terriers can be gluttonous, so you need to monitor their condition and weight gain;
  • They can be quite stubborn. Persistence and consistency in the teaching method is a definite plus. Dogs are sensitive to the tone of your voice. Teaching should be motivating and discreet;
  • To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder. Look for a reputable dealer who checks the breeding qualities of dogs to make sure they don’t have genetic diseases that can be passed on to puppies.


  • Boston Terrier is a very smart and executive dog. He does not need to repeat commands several times, he understands not only the words but also the intonation of the owners.
  • This dog behaves very tactfully, understanding when there is time for games, and when the owners are not up to it. True, to achieve this, you will need to apply force when you can indulge, and when he must wait in his rightful place.
  • The Boston Terrier trusts the owner unconditionally, will never give it, and will be there in minutes of danger.
  • In the family of representatives of the breed, they find a common language with everyone. They are friends with children and willingly join their games.
  • They get along with different animals mostly well, but the owners are jealous and start a fight.
  • The Boston Terrier is comfortable almost everywhere. It can be a small apartment, house, adjoining territory. The main thing is that the pet has its own small cozy space where it can rest and sleep peacefully.
  • Such a dog can be kept by owners who have never had a dog before. However, it will be necessary to devote enough time to training the puppy, to give commands in a calm, low voice, and then in the future, there will be practically no problems with the pet.
  • These dogs bark very little, and only when they want to warn the owners that something is approaching them.
  • The Boston Terrier is not adapted to great physical activity, which means the owner does not have to devote a lot of time to walks or turn them into active and fun-filled trips.
  • Such a terrier sheds, like other dogs, but in smaller quantities, so the fallen hair can be easily and quickly removed.


  • Each Boston Terrier is, to varying degrees, selfish by nature, since it does not even doubt that all household members should deal only with it and direct their actions to create comfortable conditions.
  • The Boston Terrier loves noisy and active games but quickly gets tired, begins to choke, and goes to rest. If the owner wants to have a calm, balanced dog, then he must be ready that he wants to devote a little to an energetic and active terrier. And if he prefers long walks, he must remember: his pet may soon get tired, and games are important for him, first of all, because he spends this time with his beloved owner.
  • These dogs do not possess security skills, but as a watchman, in time to warn about the appearance of a stranger or animal, the Boston Terrier is irreplaceable.
  • Due to the special structure of the sinuses, these dogs snore quite hard during sleep. If the owner sleeps lightly, and the dog’s place is nearby, the loud sounds of the terrier will not let you fall asleep.
  • Representatives of the breed do not tolerate the cold season, they quickly freeze, they can catch a cold. But strong heat is also not acceptable for them. It is best not to walk your dog in an open area when the temperature is high.

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