12+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is a breed of dog that possesses intelligence, affection, an extroverted temperament, and an enormous personality that is twice its size. With a miniature schnauzer in the house, the owners will never feel alone, even when they head to the bathroom.

Regardless of whether the dog is walking around or curled up in a ball in his lap, you will never be bored with him. His mustache resembling a walrus and trembling enthusiasm will make you laugh every day. The dog is incredibly loyal to his family and needs attention.


The character and habits of Schnauzers

The dog has a temperament – “alert and energetic, obedient and friendly, intelligent and willing to please the owners, not aggressive and not timid.” Usually, a Schnauzer is easy to train. They are excellent watchdogs with territorial instinct. They are more prone to barking than biting.  Schnauzers often stay away from strangers until the hosts receive a guest.

They are very playful dogs, and if not given their energy, they will get bored and figure out how to have fun on their own. They can feed on other small animals and, therefore, they are not in a fenced area.

The dog likes to be in the center of the action. He gets along pretty well with children. The problem is that he has no idea how small he is, and therefore may come into conflict with a larger dog. This swagger can get him in trouble. Even though the Schnauzer is small, don’t mistake it for a toy breed. This doggie has character.

Due to its diminutive size, it can be an excellent city dog but needs daily physical activity. It’s a terrier. The Schnauzer is great for suburban or country families. He is smart and quickly learns all kinds of tricks. Songs in skills that involve jumping on strong legs.

However, Schnauzers can be stubborn. A dog’s favorite way to show its displeasure is to pretend not to hear the owner. To maintain order, the owner needs to be strict. If the dog gives in at least once, he will remember this forever, and will constantly use this weakness in an increasing progression.

Maintenance and care

Schnauzer dogs are ideal for keeping in an apartment. Caring for them is no more difficult than for other breeds. A Schnauzer cannot be at home, so a stay-at-home owner will not always suit him. The pet needs long walks, field trips, active physical activity.

If care and maintenance in a private house are expected, you should know that Schnauzers cannot live permanently in an aviary. In winter, it is recommended to move the dog to a warm room.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this dog.


  • Reasonable, loving, and happy are great adjectives for a dog and a pet;
  • Affectionate, loyal and obedient, loves children;
  • Good watchdog and dexterous rat-catcher;
  • Convenient to keep in the apartment;
  • Long enough life – estimated maximum age of 15 years, remains active until the very end;
  • Some maintenance is required but is not allergenic;
  • Schnauzers can be trained to bark on command, which is useful for dogs living in an apartment;
  • no hair falls out during molting.


  • a Schnauzer needs a boss-owner who will devote a lot of time to him and train him in order to train and regularly communicate with the dog;
  • the Schnauzer needs constant haircuts, increasing costs. Some owners choose to learn how to take care of a dog at home, which requires some initial investment, as a result, caring for a pet Schnauzer is much cheaper and will help owners save money. The dog has a beard that needs to be brushed after every meal;
  • requires active walks and great physical exertion;
  • such dogs are wayward and stubborn, jealous of other pets;
  • they will not get along with guinea pigs, tame rats, or hamsters.

There are not so many cons. So if you want a companion dog or a cheerful friend for walks in a country house, then this little dog with a cheerful character and easy demeanor will be ideal.


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  1. On the “cons” side they have health problem indicative to the breed; one being pancreatitis, so need to be fed quality dog food and it should not be changed at whim.

  2. Im having such a hard time finding a dogfood he will love,should I just get him a A good dry food and let him eat at his own will? He prefers wet food

    • I choose to let mine eat when he feels like it. I do offer it to him 3 or 4 times a day to see if he feels like it. As a treat I buy these single serving cans and mix a little of it with the dry food and some water. Blue Buffalo Chicken is my go to main food. When I mix it with a little water he tends to be more willing to eat it.

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