14 Dog Facts: Weird and Interesting Facts About Dachshunds!

#4 The appearance of the Dachshund

The little dogs have immortalized themselves in our society in the form of the nodding dog as a fashion accessory. In fact, everyone recognizes them by their elongated physique with shortened, crooked legs. Dachshunds grow up to 26 cm high and usually weigh less than 15 kg. You can distinguish three types of dachshund according to size: dachshund (over 30 cm), miniature dachshund (30 - 35 cm), and rabbit dachshund (up to 30 cm). Their bodies have pronounced muscles that also need to be moved accordingly.

You probably know the attentive expression that dachshunds can put on. Their hanging ears once protected them from dirt when digging in the badger's den. Depending on the breed, the coat can vary between wire-haired, long-haired, and short-haired. Its color is mostly brown with yellow to rust-colored accents. Legs, head, and chest can also take on black, red, and yellow tints. The dachshund adapts perfectly to any forest floor.

#5 The right food for Dachshunds

A great danger for the dachshund is herniated discs, which are caused by being overweight. Therefore, in addition to a lot of exercises, a healthy diet is particularly essential for a dachshund. As with all dogs, it depends on such factors as the animal's age, state of health, and activity level. In addition, you should make sure that the rewards don't get out of hand with dachshunds. Treats for in-between meals quickly become an additional meal for such small dogs, which settles on the ribs and puts a strain on the animal in the long term.

#6 A strong will can be a beautiful thing, but it should not degenerate into an invincible opponent. You are the boss and your dog should show the necessary respect for you, but also for others, e.g. larger four-legged friends.

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