14 Interesting Facts About Border Collies

#7 The FCI (Fédération_Cynologique_Internationale) has recognized the breed since 1976 under FCI Standard No. 297.

However, the breeders' association ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) has not published a breeding standard to date, since appearance and uniformity only play a subordinate role. More important and assessable is the work or herding performance that distinguishes a good herding dog.

#8 Until a few years ago, the Border Collie was considered purely a herding dog for sheep.

With the growing enthusiasm for dog sports and the rapid rise of today's popular agility, the breed's popularity and popularity continued to grow. Hollywood also discovered the herding dog as a professional employee and so it came about that the fame of the Border Collie was not least due to films such as "A Pig Called Babe", "Bingo, Look Who's Barking!" and "Snowdogs - Eight Heroes on Four Paws" reached its preliminary, but unbroken, climax. Today, the Border is more in demand than ever as a loyal and active family dog and, in addition to sheep, also looks after children and the four walls at home.

#9 The Border Collie is a graceful, intelligent dog that you just have to love. He wants to please his people, has an affectionate character and is flexible and adaptable to new situations. In addition, he is particularly attentive and mostly excited / full of energy.

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