14 Interesting Facts About Labradors

#7 If you’re looking for a puppy, you’ll find that Labs are as diverse as their breeders.

Some Labs are bred for competitions where their working dog abilities are tested, and others are bred to come as close as possible to the ideal visual, functional, and characterful image of the breed. Then you will also find breeders who care about both looks and utility. Labs bred for the show ring tend to be slightly heavier and more solidly built than those bred for other dog work purposes.

#8 The Labrador has a reputation for being one of the most affectionate breeds, and rightly so.

He is sociable, tries to fulfill every wish, and is not only friendly to people but also to other animals.

#9 In addition to his wonderful personality, his intelligence and desire to fulfill any desire makes him easily trainable.

Training is also definitely necessary as this breed has a lot of energy and is very high-spirited. His heritage as a working dog means he is active. This breed requires physical as well as mental activity to be happy. There is some variation in the activity level of Labradors: some are more boisterous, others more easy-going. But all thrive on activity.

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