15 Amazing Facts About Cavalier King Charles Spaniels You Might Not Know

#4 As for the notorious spot on the head, its origin is much more mysterious.

A legend that tells of his appearance, satisfying for lovers of mysticism. It tells that while the Duke of Marlborough was at war, his wife was in natural excitement and, in order to calm down, kissed her pregnant dog on the dome. As a result, the dog gave birth to puppies with such spots.

#5 There is also a popular legend that there is a special sign of Charles II, allowing King Charles Spaniels to enter any institution in the UK.

Before that, only guide dogs had such a right. In one version of the myth, the permit applies only to the Parliament building.

#6 The website of the UK Parliament was forced to rebut that contrary to popular rumors, the rules of Parliament do not say that King Charles Spaniels can visit the Palace of Westminster.

Despite searches, no trace of such a king's decree has been found.

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