15 Amazing Facts About English Bulldogs You Might Not Know

#10 Many U.S. Commanders in Chief have owned pets during their stints in the White House, but only one had an English Bulldog.

That would be No. 29, Warren G. Harding. The dog’s name is somewhat mysterious. He is variously listed as Old Boy, Oh Boy, and O’Boy.

#11 The English Bulldog is tightly connected to its country of origin. The breed is a national symbol for the United Kingdom.

#12 It’s also closely associated with one of the UK’s greatest leaders, Winston Churchill, whom the Russians called the British Bulldog (his jowly countenance also famously resembled that of a Bulldog).

But despite the connection, Churchill did not, as is often believed, own a pet Bulldog. But he did have a Pug.

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