15 Amazing Facts About Siberian Husky Dogs You Might Not Know

#13 Some owners consider their dogs to be “angels on the street” but “devils at home,” which means they are poorly trained at home but train well in regular classes and groups.

#14 Huskies have a notorious reputation as a runaway as they love to run away from their homes at any time of the day or night.

#15 In the winter of 1925, a team of dogs led by the Siberian husky Balto and led by Gunnar Kaasen became heroic when they were able to deliver the medicine for the treatment of diphtheria to the city of Nome, Alaska.

The transport of the medicine was complicated by a storm, so it was decided to transport part of the route, more than about 1080 km, by dog sleds - the only possible transport in such weather conditions.

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