15 Chow Chow Mixes You Should Love Right Now

Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds in the world. A dog that licked the edge of the night sky, a dog bear, a dog-lion – what epithets did not human fantasy reward the representatives of this breed with. Having appeared in China more than 2 thousand years ago, Chow Chows were originally used as watchdogs, hunting dogs, and even war dogs. Now it is a companion dog, which has preserved in the depths of its mysterious soul all the best features of its distant ancestors.

Below you can see 15 cool Chow Chow mixes that will not leave anyone indifferent!

#1 Chow Hound Basset: Chow Chow and Basset Hound

#2 Golden Chow Retriever: Chow Chow and Golden Retriever

#3 Berner Chow:Chow Chow and Bernese Mountain Dog

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