15 Cute Golden Retrievers That Will Make You Giggle!

#7 Kindness, calm disposition, love for children, beauty, easy to learn, good health.

#8 Kindness, calmness, friendliness

Representatives of this breed are very kind and intelligent. If you start her as a pet, then it is impossible not to love her. A devoted look, beauty, and cheerfulness can conquer anyone.

This dog is very energetic, but not too energetic. And of course, like any dog, it must be brought up.

I can note that if you keep her in the house, then it is better to remove everything from coffee tables or from any surface, at the level of her tail, as they love to wave them and sweep away everything that stands at this level.

For the most part, these dogs are very quiet and do not make unnecessary sounds, they bark only if they notice a stranger near the house or inside.

The downside of this dog is that a lot of hair remains after it. With proper care, there will be less wool, but it will still be.

#9 An excellent nanny and just a loyal dog

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