15 Cute Golden Retrievers That Will Make You Giggle!

#13 Kind, smart, not aggressive

A friendly, kind, affectionate dog. Lives for a long time. If you walk a lot, nothing gnaws. The most beloved member of the family. Everything in the apartment breaks and tears at times. Better to keep in the yard. Easy to train. Our color is very beautiful light gold. He loves small children very much and they just adore him constantly playing together everywhere. There are almost no chronic diseases, which is very important for dog owners. there is no time to treat me and there is no desire. He gets along well with the elderly. My friends have this breed of a guide dog. Withstands heat and frost. We go skiing with the whole family in the forest. I advise everyone not to find a best friend for this particular breed in a large family.

#14 Kind, gentle dog

An excellent breed for a family, kind and calm, loves children, and understands everything, it is easy to teach them to the tray, bowl, and other commands. Dog grooming is not painstaking, suitable for both a private house and an apartment.

#15 Kind, good, well-mannered, cheerful, active

Incredibly kind, intelligent dogs. Great friends, they love children very much. Withstands both heat and cold.

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