15 Facts About Raising and Training a Pomeranians

Pomeranian puppies are so adorable that many owners do not even think about the need for training. A miniature dog should not be perceived as a toy. Spitz completely refutes the hypothesis that the ability to think is determined by the size of the brain: a huge potential is hidden in a small head! The training of the Pomeranian has its own characteristics: the dogs are so smart and quick-witted that it seems as if they understand human speech.

#1 The result of training is largely determined by strict subordination. From the first days of stay in the house, the puppy must have the absolute authority of the owner.

#2 To practice with a spitz, you will need a standard set of items for training: a collar; leashes of different lengths (optimally – 3 and 5 meters); a set of toys for practicing a prioritization; goodies for promotion; collar token with owner’s contact information (

#3 The method of training a Spitz is fundamentally different from the generally accepted rules for raising dogs of large and medium breeds.

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