15 Facts About Raising and Training Affenpinschers

The Affenpinscher is a playful animal. He resembles a cat playing with a mouse, never refuses to play and leprosy, and therefore can become an excellent companion to a child. Despite the fact that Affenpinscher is a bully by nature, in a difficult situation he instantly becomes a serious and fierce defender. This small breed of dogs distinguishes well between friends and foes. Affenpinscher will bark furiously at your guests until he realizes that they are not dangerous.

#1 Affenpinscher is an incredibly charming creature, and almost as stubborn and disorganized.

#2 If you don’t raise a pet, then affen is able to thoroughly spoil the life of the owner, and for the company and others.

#3 As soon as a tiny cosmatist shows up in the house, start socializing him and accustom him to the fact that in the world, in addition to treats, affection and games, there are also requirements and prohibitions.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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