15 Facts About Raising and Training Chow Chows

When working with this breed, you need to put yourself in the role of a leader, and this should not be done with the help of brute physical strength, which is unacceptable with the Chow Chow, but with the help of various tricks. For example, sometimes it is necessary not to give the dog a favorite toy immediately, not to feed it as soon as it demands it. The dog must understand that its food, walks, toys, directly depend on you.

#1 Outwardly resembling a huge plush toy, Chow Chows are distinguished by a very firm and even somewhat wayward character.

#2 Raising an obedient dog turns out to be a matter of tremendous patience, determination, and follow-through.

#3 Raising a chow-chow puppy begins at a very early age.

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