15 Famous Politicians and Their Four-Legged Favorites

#4 The Clintons, along with their favorite Labrador retriever, Buddy, who tragically died under the wheels of a car in 2002.

During the reign of Bill Clinton, Sox and Buddy were always kept in different rooms in the White House, since the animals were always at enmity with each other.

#5 Loyal friend of George W. Bush, Black Scottish Terrier Barney.

Despite its small size and cute appearance, the dog had a very nasty character.

#6 The Reagans with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The charming handsome man became a Christmas present for Nancy Reagan from her husband in 1985. Before him, Bouvier Lucky of Flanders lived in the white house, but due to its impressive size, he was taken to the president's California ranch.

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