15 Famous Politicians and Their Four-Legged Favorites

#7 President Nixon’s favorite dog is the Irish setter King Timaho.

In addition to him, the politician also had a Cocker Spaniel Checkers. In response to allegations of bribery, Vice Presidential nominee Nixon in Speech on Checkers once called the dog the only illegal gift.

#8 From an early age, Elizabeth was very fond of Corgis.

In total, the queen had a little more than thirty of them. Short-legged dogs are long-livers with a cheerful, playful disposition and an innate "sense of intelligence." A breed is worthy of the royal family.

#9 The Maltese lapdog Sumo of former French President Jacques Chirac was distinguished by a very unbalanced and unpredictable character and could even bite its owner.

After Sumo once again attacked her owner, she was evicted to a farm.

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