15 Historical Facts About Bichon Frises You Might Not Know

The Bichon Frize is a decorative dog that looks like a white fluffy cloud and has won the hearts of many dog breeders around the world. It is easy to understand the sympathies of the owners of the Bichon Frize – dogs of this breed have a bright elegant appearance, and, moreover, they have a light, cheerful, mischievous, and friendly character.

#1 Few dog breeds have a well-documented history that is difficult to dispute; unfortunately, the history of today’s Bichon Frize is also more a combination of facts, legends and guesses, often lacking specific dates.

#2 Historians of the Bichon Frize agree that the breed comes from a very small, often white, dog. These little dogs were the favorites of the ladies who lived in the Mediterranean region between 600 and 300 BC.

#3 At some point in time, these dogs were crossed with the Barbet, a type of water spaniel that existed at the same time. The result was a group of dogs called the Barbichon.

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