15 Historical Facts About Dalmatians You Might Not Know

#7 Researchers suggest that it was in Britain that representatives of other breeds were used in breeding, in particular, black pointers and white English terriers.

#8 Through the efforts of the breeders of Foggy Albion, by the second half of the 18th century, the Dalmatians’ appearance recognizable today was formed.

#9 At the same time, behind the “Italian dogs”, as they were originally called by the British, they noticed an amazing ability almost tirelessly to run long distances, not inferior in speed to horse-drawn carriages.

The swift-footed dogs were made guards for valuable "movable property" on city trips and long journeys - a kind of prototype of modern car alarms.

In addition, during the trip, four-legged drivers followed the horses and, with light bites, forced tired or lazy animals to maintain the pace set by the driver.

 Since then, for several decades, they have been assigned the definition of coach dogs.

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