15 Historical Facts About Leonbergers You Might Not Know

The history of the creation of the Leonberger breed is not only the history of the emergence of a new breed of dogs but also the history of the realization of the reverse dream. After all, its creator wanted the breed to symbolize a lion – an animal depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Leonberg (the land of Baden-Württemberg in Germany in the southwest). Actually, as you probably already guessed, hence the name of the breed.

#1 The Leonberger is a breed that owes its origin to the German official Heinrich Essig.

#2 The name of the breed comes from the name of the city of Leonberg, which is in southwestern Germany.

In any case, it was this version that received the greatest distribution.

#3 Somewhere between the 30s and 40s of the 19th century, the mayor of Leonberg, Heinrich Essig, set out to develop a completely new type of large dog.

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