15 Historical Facts About St Bernards You Might Not Know

#4 However, some scholars continue to consider the St. Bernards a “product” of mating Great Dane with Mastiff.

#5 As for the name of the breed, they are the animals prescribed to the saint – Bernard of Menton, who founded in the Swiss Alps a kind of shelter for travelers and pilgrims.

The establishment was located on the Great Saint-Bernard Pass, known for its extreme weather conditions and steep descents. The trip to Bernard's orphanage was a real survival game. As a result, the monks of local monasteries often had to arm themselves with shovels and, instead of prayers and night vigils, go in search of tourists freezing under the snowdrifts.

#6 In the 17th century, the first St. Bernards began to be attracted to rescue operations, which were bred right at the monastery.

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