15 Historical Facts About St Bernards You Might Not Know

#10 Fearing the extinction of the breed, the monks decided to “pump” the surviving representatives of the Newfoundland genes.

However, the experiment was only half successful. The offspring born after such mating looked more impressive due to their shaggy coat, but it turned out to be completely unsuitable for work in the mountains. Snow adhered to the long hair of the mestizos, because of which the dog's "fur coat" quickly got wet and overgrown with an ice crust. Eventually, the monks sent the shaggy St. Bernards off to the valleys, where they were used as watchmen. Short-haired animals continued to serve on the mountain passes.

#11 In 1703, the first record of these animals appeared in the monastery.

#12 In 1833, someone named Daniel Wilson proposed to name the Saint Bernard breed, after the hospice and the pass itself, where they became so famous, since the dogs still did not have an official name.

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