15 Historical Facts About Vizslas You Might Not Know

#10 The work on improving the parameters of short-haired cops took more than 150 years.

Hanoverian hounds, pointers, shorthaired pointers and even poodles have become promising "material" for mating. As a result of the selection, it was possible to improve the exterior and field qualities of the Hungarian vizs - the future national treasure of the country.

#11 The active export of dogs to America began after 1935, when representatives of the International Cynological Federation (FCI) entered the breed in the official register and approved its standard.

#12 The number of vizs dropped significantly with the outbreak of World War II.

Freed from the yoke of fascism, the Hungarians were guided by hopelessness and fear, which is why they made a cruel decision - to kill all the dogs so that they would not become a trophy of war for the soldiers. Fortunately, the animals were partially preserved in neighboring countries, from where they began to conquer the globe.

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