15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Old English Sheepdogs

#7 Jim Henson (who created the puppets for Sesame Street) participated in another project involving Old English Sheepdogs.

Indeed, he created puppets for and directed the big-screen movie, Labyrinth, a fantasy film released in 1986. There were two Old English Sheepdogs in the movie, Merlin and Ambrosius; the movie stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

#8 The children’s movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang features an Old English Sheepdog named Edison.

#9 The comic strip family in For Better or For Worse originally had an Old English Sheepdog named Farley.

The creator of the comic strip, Lynn Johnston, modeled the cartoon dog after her own Old English Sheepdog named Farley, after Farley Mowat, a famous Canadian conservationist, and author.

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