15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Samoyeds

#13 Samoyed huskies easily get along with other animals, make contact with people, are always ready to be close to a person and enjoy communication.

#14 Samoyeds are very active, as they are instilled with the instinct of a hunter.

This makes Samoyed huskies playful animals that are ready to run a lot and "hunt" for impromptu prey. Thanks to such character traits, the Samoyeds get along well with children - they will never bite or offend the child, and if they don’t like something, they will simply try to get away from the irritant.

#15 The breed standard was described back in 1988 by the English Kennel Club.

Adult Samoyed males should weigh 25 to 30 kg, while adult females weigh less - 17 to 23 kg. Height at the withers - 53-55 cm. The length of the body should not exceed the height of the dog by more than 5 percent, that is, the dog is almost "square".

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