15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Tibetan Terrierss

#13 Sometimes, the English names of breeds are translated from other languages.

Other times, not so much. In the case of the Tibetan Terrier, its Tibetan name is Tsang Apso, which translates to something along the lines of either a bearded dog or a shaggy dog from a traditional Tibetan province called Ü-Tsang.

#14 With that said, it is interesting to note that there are some earlier sources that call the Tibetan Terrier the Dokhi Apso. The Dokhi in Dokhi Apso means “outdoor,” which says much about the intended role of the breed.

#15 He’ll adapt to life with a couch potato or an active family, always approaching every day with an endearing sense of humor and a sparkle in his eye.

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