15 Interesting Facts About Chihuahuas

#13 The difference between apple and deer

According to the standards of the international and national breed associations, the head of a Chihuahua must always be rounded and apple-shaped. However, a deer-like head shape is also spreading, especially in the USA. Sometimes they talk about different breeds or the "deer Chihuahua". But the fact is, the round-headed Chi is recognized and the oblong-headed Chi is not. However, the Chihuahua with the longer muzzle is said to have fewer genetic problems or diseases typical of the breed.

#14 The largest litter consisted of 10 puppies

Normally, a bitch gives birth to an average of three puppies per litter, but the Chi bitch Coco gave birth to ten little Chihuahuas in 2011. Only five puppies were actually expected, which is why Coco's owners, Dawn and Bill Slater, could hardly believe it when more and more four-legged friends just kept coming. The smallest of them weighed just 70 grams at birth.

#15 The smallest dog in the world

Less than ten centimeters from paw to shoulder: Miracle Milly is just 9.65 cm high. This makes the Chihuahua from San Juan, Puerto Rico the smallest dog in the world. When she was born, the little bitch is said to have weighed only 28.3 grams and fit into a teaspoon. However, there is a Chihuahua that is even smaller than Miracle Milly - at least in length. That record is held by the Chi Heaven Sent Brandy, which is just 6 inches long.

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