15 Interesting Facts About Dachshunds You Never Knew

Dachshunds are actually quite healthy and long-lived dogs if they are not prone to herniated discs (dachshund paralysis) and heart valve insufficiency (especially wire-haired dachshunds). They are good to feed converters with mostly healthy appetites. Even more so than with most other dog breeds, being overweight in the dachshund means a reduction in the quality of life and also a threat to their health. For the sake of your dog, pay close attention to its slimline!

#1 If you look at the short-haired dachshund as the “primordial dachshund”, the long-haired dachshund was created by crossing long-haired scavenger dogs, which made its character a little gentler, and the wire-haired dachshund by crossing terriers, which gave it a little more pugnacity.

#2 The three different hair types also differ somewhat when it comes to grooming: the shorthair naturally needs the least grooming, the longhair needs a little more brushing, and the wire-haired dachshund should be trimmed regularly (either at the pet grooming salon or have it shown by the breeder) in order to look well-groomed and to keep skin and hair healthy.

#3 The sometimes stubborn dachshunds can be difficult to house train. Dog crate training is recommended here.

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