15 Interesting Facts About Jack Russell Terriers

The Jack Russell Terrier is very active and independent. It was originally bred for fox hunting. He is very eager to learn but also stubborn and therefore not so easy to educate. The Jack Russell Terrier is not necessarily suitable as a beginner’s dog because he likes to play the boss. However, if you remain consistent and attend a dog school, you can get a Jack Russell Terrier even if you have no dog experience.

In addition, the Jacky (Jack Russell Terrier) is becoming increasingly popular as a family dog. The little powerhouse loves to go for walks, play in the water, do dog sports, play games, and exercise. Otherwise, he also has a penchant for digging and digging.

#1 The Jack Russell Terrier comes in smooth, rough and bristly coats.

#2 Terriers were bred to follow foxes (and other animals) into their dens. And help with the hunt.

#3 The breed comes from England, but he was further bred in Australia to become Jacky as we know him today.

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