15+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Chow Chow

Chow-chow, at first glance, seems like good-natured plush toys. Is it really? A large watchdog hides behind a cute and harmless appearance.


Key facts

The first thing that catches your eye when meeting a Chow Chow is her blue tongue. This distinctive feature is unique to this breed. The description of the Chow Chow says that the animals originated in the breed of China. Puppies choose their master once and for all – exactly the person whom he prefers from all families will be the other best in their entire life. However, they usually do not show their tender feelings, hiding them behind feigned severity. The characteristics of the Chow Chow breed are that these animals are distinguished by pride, stubbornness, and self-sufficiency.

Representatives of this species are very clean and do not tolerate walks in rainy weather. Chow Chow is loyal to other pets, especially if they are smaller in size.


The behavior of this breed is as unconventional as its appearance. Owners and breeders claim that these dogs are ideal companions, true family members. There is no definite answer to the question “who is the Chow-Chow for” – the main thing is to fall in love with the breed and try to do everything to make friends with your pet.

The main character traits of Chow Chow are independence and poise. These dogs have their own opinion and often stubbornly defend it. They are monogamous: they choose one master for life, often they are children.

It is not easy to educate and train them. Not because dogs are stupid or lazy, but rather the opposite – they are serious and thoughtful. The command will definitely be executed, but only after the dog understands what it is for. These dogs do not tolerate violence and physical harm. Chow will not respond with manifestations of aggression, but will withdraw to himself and become wary of his owner.

These dogs do not like to show emotions and behave with restraint with everyone. They express their positive feelings through whimpering, and dissatisfaction with the deaf, low muttering. Animals catch the mood of their owner and adapt to him. Chow Chows do not like sharp outbursts of negative emotions, as well as noise in the house. Dogs very rarely bark, most often in order to warn the owner of a situation that they consider dangerous.

Animals are very clean, do not gnaw furniture and shoes, are not afraid of bathing in the bathroom.

Chow Chow does not tolerate heat well. Physical activity at temperatures above 22 degrees is contraindicated. Walking is necessary early in the morning and late in the evening. But in winter they do not freeze on the street thanks to the thick undercoat.

Care and maintenance

Chow Chow is perfect for keeping both in the apartment and in the house. True, in this case, she will still live with her owner, since these dogs are not suitable for outdoor and open-air cages.

Weekly grooming includes brushing, removing eye discharge, monthly – trimming nails.
Frequent washing is not recommended. It is necessary to bathe the dog not more often than three times a year since the special structure of the hair does not allow retaining minor pollution. If the pet visits all kinds of exhibitions, additional haircuts and grooming cannot be avoided.

Claws should be trimmed at least once a month or as they grow back. Every 10 days, you should examine your pet’s ears and remove sulfur deposits from them.
Many owners are worried about how to care for their pet’s teeth. To prevent plaque build-up, you can purchase special treats or solutions that should be added to a bowl of water daily to cleanse your mouth. Typically, Chow Chow care and maintenance concentrate on caring for the coat and building proper nutrition.


  • The main advantage of this breed is its luxurious and graceful exterior. Chow Chow attracts the eyes of passers-by by its appearance.
  • A fairly clean breed of dog. Strictly observes the concept of “place” assigned by the owner.
  • They do not bother with annoying barking, they behave calmly and balanced.
  • Stoically endure procedures, are patient, do not whine.
  • They adore the owner and with respect to the household.
  • They do not gnaw everything that gets on the tooth.
  • Do not need heavy physical activity for proper development.
  • The coat does not need constant and long-term care. Molting is quite imperceptible, without causing discomfort.
  • Do not smell like “dogs”, a very distinctive feature from other breeds of dogs.
  • They are centenarians. The average life expectancy is 14-17 years. Diseases are rarely exposed. Here the heredity of dogs plays an important role.
  • Chow Chows are well tolerated at any time of the year, so there will be no problems in the heat or cold.
  • The coat is hypoallergenic, which is a huge plus for dogs.
  • The breed is budget-friendly compared to other dogs.


  • This breed recognizes only friendly, warm, family relationships. She will not allow herself to shout at herself and show negative actions towards herself.
  • Chow Chow shows great interest and curiosity in his world. Seeing an animal, no matter what size it is and how it moves, whether it be a bird or a cat, it does not respond to commands, and quickly goes to the object to study it.
  • Strict adherence to proper nutrition of the dog. An unacceptable amount of meat or fat.
  • The ancient function of the hunter is being fulfilled, the dog retained its instinct and readily “rushes into battle” with the enemy.
  • The dog has characteristic loud snoring.
  • A rather stubborn character that creates difficulties in education and training.

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