15 Pros and Cons of Owning Bull Terriers

Bull Terrier. As soon as he utters this word, in his mind, a person begins to feel an indefinite fear of that animal, which was named with such a formidable name. And this association was inspired for a reason because these dogs rightfully deserve a fighting title. But is our preconceived and stereotyped view of bull terriers really so unambiguous? Should you really be afraid of them and run from them wherever you look, as soon as you meet this beast somewhere nearby? In our article, we will analyze all the facts, pros, and cons of this breed in order to confirm or refute the myth of the formidable fighter and the capriciousness of the hunter, combined in bull terriers.

#1 Goodwill and lovingness to their owners.

Many breeders say that bull terriers behave more like a plush toys, rather than the killer killers that many see them.

#2 Lack of aggression towards a person.

Experts have found out in the course of repeated research that bullies never rushes at a person without a significant reason. They need to be very angry or annoyed so that the dog clings to your hand.

#3 Ease of maintenance and care.

Due to the peculiarities of the wool cover, you can not even bathe it, but simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Claws also do not need additional care, because they gradually grind off themselves during training.

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