15 Pros and Cons of Owning Corgis

#13 Surprisingly, their absolute guarding ability coexists quietly with insane fearlessness when it comes to dealing with other dogs – especially those who are several times the size of the corgi.

Seeing a dog, even if he is not in an aggressive mood, the corgi can rush at him with a bark - therefore, it is not recommended to let him off the leash.

#14 If the corgi starts barking, no one will think that it is the voice of such a small dog.

To some, this will seem like dignity, but if you prefer silence, and your ears start ringing from a loud bark, you can try to wean the dog from this habit - or not start a corgi at all.

#15 Since corgi is a purebred dog, it is very difficult to find a representative of the breed even in a shelter. High popularity forces breeders to raise prices.

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