15 Realities That New Anatolian Shepherd Owners Must Accept

The Anatolian Shepherd is a dog whose breed is specially trained to serve man. The animal surprisingly combines courage, temperament, strength, and calmness. This is a faithful helper and companion of a person, ready to prove loyalty to the owner at the cost of his life.

Psychologically, the animal loves attention from its owner, he likes to experience his affection and care. That is why the dog spends the maximum amount of time next to its owner. If you properly educate and train a dog, then it will show affection and goodwill not only in relation to one person, who is its direct owner but also in relation to other family members. At the same time, in relation to strangers and strangers, the dog can behave wary and distrustful.

#1 Are able to make decisions independently, are resourceful in achieving their goals

#2 Very smart, easy to train

#3 Good helpers, they like to participate in all the affairs of the owner

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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