15 Realities That New Shiba Inu Owners Must Accept

The Shiba Inu is a hunting dog bred in Japan. Its history is about two and a half thousand years old. Modern representatives of the breed often act as companions. An inquisitive and friendly disposition allows them to get along well with the owner, but the animals are capricious and require competent training. Since 1936, Shiba Inu has been recognized as the property of Japan. Integral temperament, high intellectual level, and special fortitude made these animals popular among dog breeders. Being the owner of such a pet is not easy, but if you gain his respect and trust, you will get a lot of pleasure from communicating with an intelligent and inquisitive friend. The breed is suitable for experienced dog handlers, but as the first dog, the Shiba Inu with its complex disposition is not the best option.

Animals of this breed are distinguished by high intelligence and strong temperament.

Shiba Inu are terrible owners, they categorically do not like to share.

#1 They are very cute

#2 Console Keeper

#3 Grabbing the bed

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