15 Realities That New Tibetan Spaniel Owners Must Accept

The Tibetan Spaniel is a small, active dog with long hair that is close to the body. The seating position of the head gives out the “royal” pedigree of the breed. The head has a broad forehead and small jaw, a black nose, and oval dark eyes.

The body, slightly elongated, with short strong legs, is crowned, like a plume, with a chic ring-shaped tail with long thick hair.

The colors of the Tibetan Spaniel can be very diverse – from light cream shades to almost black, both monochromatic and with color transitions. Tibetans believe that the white tail of an animal is a sign of a puppy’s thieving tendencies, and a speck on the forehead is a sign of Buddha.

#1 Loves to play with a hamster

#2 Believes that the sofa belongs to him

#3 Tries to act cool

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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